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trocla creates order!

Organize, Archive, Access! Seamlessly save and store your group memories — from photos, videos, and audios to every piece of text. Your chat history, now safely stored in your cloud.
Create group chat
Create a group chat in the messaging service for each project, topic, or plan.
Add trocla
Add trocla to the group chat like a contact.
Order prevails
From now on, all sent files will be labeled and saved chronologically in a folder.
We all use messaging services such as Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, etc. to exchange information in our everyday lives, be it private or professional. Unfortunately, we lose track of the flood of information and don't have the time to bring order to the chaos of files. We are all familiar with the problem of searching for photos and videos in overcrowded and unstructured smartphone galleries.
Trocla is a user-friendly solution for messaging services. Once a group chat is created, Trocla can be added like a contact. From that point on, Trocla automatically saves and labels all sent files with date, time and the name of the group chat in a file folder of the chosen storage service. Could it be any simpler?
With Trocla we solve the file chaos and bring order to the photo and video galleries of mobile devices. Thanks to Trocla, files sent in group chat are quickly found again and can be easily used on the desktop. The tedious and time-consuming sorting and filing of image, video, audio and text messages is no longer necessary.
Private - Trocla automatically archives all files sent in family, baby, club or vacation chat. The tedious sharing, labeling and saving of photos and videos is a thing of the past.

Professional - Project files (photos, videos, PDF's, audio messages) are automatically audited and saved in a project folder with date and time. Synchronization between smartphone and desktop is eliminated for all people who are members of the group chat. Files can be immediately reused on the desktop or shared with people outside the chat without being forgotten or lost.
Trocla automatically saves and labels all files sent in a group chat.
Trocla saves the tedious and time-consuming labeling, sorting and saving of text, photo, video and audio files!
With a structured file repository, Trocla ensures comprehensive and qualitative documentation of events and projects.
When personnel or equipment changes, important data is lost. With Trocla, these remain with the responsible person or company.
Thanks to clean project documentation, warranty risks can be reduced in the professional environment.
Trocla ensures uncomplicated file sharing among different people without the need to download new apps or create user accounts.
Trocla works system-independently. Once up and running, the service can be linked to the most common messaging services and storage media.
User friendly
Who can't? Sharing a photo via messaging service is all you need to be able to do to make Trocla tidy.
No user accounts need to be created or approvals granted to use Trocla. The service works via group chats of the most popular messaging services.
FOR WHOM IS trocla?
For all those who use group chats in everyday life and do not want to lose track of sent files.
  • Eventmanager
  • Marketing Teams
  • Project Manager
  • Real estate owner
  • Builders
  • Engineers
  • Foreman/leader
  • Craftsman
  • Facility Manager
  • Housekeeping
  • Real estate service provider
  • Public sector
Create a Trocla account for personal or professional use.
We will help you link the messaging and storage service of your choice to your Trocla account.
Trocla is now ready and can be added to all group chats whose chat history is to be saved.
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